Dancing on the D-Pad (2019 – Present)

‘Dancing on the D-Pad’ is a Video Game Philosophy blog, as part of a developing research project. The central thesis being explored, as explained in the first post, is that Video Games are best understood as a form of dance. Matt posts a mix of game analyses and theoretical speculation on the nature of the art form.

Film Thunk (2018 – Present)

‘Film Thunk’ focuses on light-hearted, philosophical discussion of films. It also hosts the back catalogue of film reviews from ‘Small Reason’. Matt’s favourite post is a discussion of the ethical implications of Some Like it Hot.

Letting Learn (2015 – Present)

‘Letting Learn’ is an education blog set up by Matt to reflect on his teaching practice. The site includes opinions on leading seminars and evaluations of lessons, sharing ideas. The blog gets its title from Heidegger’s famous statement, in What is Called Thinking, ‘The teacher is ahead of his apprentices in this alone, that he has still far more to learn than they–he has to learn to let learn.’

Small Reason (2010-2019)

‘Small Reason’ was Matt’s first blog, which aimed to discuss philosophical and political issues in an open way. Over the years, the blog became particularly focussed on progressive politics, offering commentary and analysis of news stories, particularly those affecting the UK Labour party in opposition. The most popular post was a criticism of Slavoj Žižek’s endorsement of Donald Trump, over Hilary Clinton, in the 2016 US Presidential Election. In 2019, Matt chose to focus on new projects, and no longer posts to Small Reason.